ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test

Test Your Skills With Our ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test

If you have done some searching around for some ASVAB practice or ASVAB study guides, you’ve probably found a site or two you really like. We have scoured the internet and found some good links to some practice tests that you should definitely try out in a previous post. While you should definitely try these, we have felt that maybe there might be room for one more.

Click Here for the free, 20 Question, Word Knowledge practice test!

Why An ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test?

If you have done your research, you know that the ASVAB AFQT score is comprised of  the Standard Scores of the four ASVAB subtests. Don’t believe us? Check this out from the official ASVAB website.

“AFQT scores are computed using the Standard Scores from four ASVAB subtests: Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC), and Word Knowledge (WK). AFQT scores are reported as percentiles between 1-99.”

So basically, these are the 4 parts of the ASVAB you should bust your butt on!

Now you might be asking why we would choose Word Knowledge as our first practice test offered to you. Well, here is how your AFQT is actually calculated.

“Since January 1989, the AFQT has been composed of four subtests AR, MK, WK, and PC. A verbal composite (VE) score is formed from an optimally weighted composite of unrounded WK and PC standard scores (Segall, 2004). VE, in turn, is double-weighted in the computation of AFQT scores:”

AFQT = AR + MK + 2(VE)

word-knowledge-practice-testIn simple terms, they take your Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension score and add them together. This makes up your Verbal Expression score. The Verbal Expression score is then DOUBLED and then add in your Arithmetic Reasoning and Math Knowledge score. This is then calculated to make up your AFQT score, between 1 and 99.

With this information, we decided that it was important that you all start with a practice test that will possibly have one of the largest impacts on your ASVAB score. You can best bet that our next ASVAB practice test offered will be Paragraph Comprehension!

Try It Out!

We have worked a little bit on this and have spoken to some English teachers, past ASVAB test takers and military personnel and had them look over our selection of words and would like for you to try out our first ASVAB practice test.

So be sure to check it out, its 20 questions and untimed.

Also, share your score on Facebook or Twitter to let your friends know you’re smarter!

Here is the link to our free ASVAB Word Knowledge practice test!

Good Luck!

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