August 29, 2016

General Science

Why General Science

The ASVAB General Science is potentially one of the most important sub-tests of the ASVAB. This test subject area is made to assess the general scientific aptitude of those who want to join the military.

From the Official ASVAB Test Site:

“Knowledge of physical and biological sciences”

Pretty straightforward I guess.

In this ASVAB sub-test, the test takers are required to complete the ASVAB questions regarding the general understanding about the different areas. These areas could include biology, chemistry, anatomy, and astronomy.

Which One Do I Study Then??

Because there are so many different areas covered by science, trying to figure out which one to study can be stressful. Don’t worry though!

ASVAB General Science

There are only 16 questions on the computer version of the ASVAB and on the paper version you would have 25 questions. This means that you shouldn’t have to study too much on any particular science area. If you do, you’ll just be wasting time.  The questions do not go too deep into any particular area either. That’s why it’s called General Science. When studying to prepare for the ASVAB General Science sub-test, just cover the basic info on each subject and you should be fine!

Be sure to check out some of the following links for ASVAB practice tests to help you with the General Science part.


ASVAB General Science Practice Tests

These links are in no particular order.  Later on, I’ll post an update an update ranking the top ten sites for you to go in order to maximize your time.  I will give a little insight on each link below for you but I encourage to try all of them!

  • is a site you’ll more than likely see me post a lot of. This site has some really good practice tests and the best part is that it’s timed. Remember to practice like you’ll test!
  • uniontestprep is a site you will enjoy if you like to learn while studying.  This test isn’t timed, so it’s a good site to start out on if you don’t want the added pressure of a timer.  Their tests also let you see if you got the correct answer or not as soon as you choose.
  • is another website without a timer. Good for some practice to get you in that test taking mode.  These General Science questions are pretty straightforward so you’ll get an idea of what the real ASVAB test will be like.

Remember, these links aren’t in any particular order so no favoritism is showed to any particular site.  I just want you, the test taker, to get used to the types of General Science questions.  Be sure to try all three and good luck!

As always, be sure to check out our Ultimate ASVAB Practice Tests list which has links to over 120 different ASVAB practice tests broken down by subject!

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